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12/15/2015 2:16:00 PM
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Who I Am

Isaac Cudjoe

I am a lover of information with zeal to make a constructive impact in the world. Coming from Bogoso, Ghana at an early age, leaving harsh conditions to further my education, I have developed fervor for international affairs and politics. I am enthralled by different cultures and eager to learn how others operate. I have a great proclivity to think outside the box and find ways to take any task I am given to the next level. I am a problem solver who likes to look at both sides of the argument, but doesn't waste time when the decision must be quick. I am very involved in different organizations on - and off-campus that focus on building both local and international communities. I am a leader but I won't allow that to hinder me from being a great role player.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Certificate of Appreciation: For outstanding and lasting contributions to the Black Student Union at Mount St. Mary's University (4/29/14)

  • Certificate of Participation: Recognition from Mount St. Mary's University for participation in the scholarship, Performance, Art, Research, and Creativity (SPARC) Festival (4/10/14)

  • Community Service Project of the Year: Certificate of appreciation from the Center for Student Diversity as thanks for a purposeful impact both inside and outside the classroom. (2013 - 2014)

  • Outstanding Sophomore Award: Award from the Center for Student Diversity for exemplary dedication and diligence as a sophomore. (2013 - 2014) 


  • English: Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Twi: Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Fanti: Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Spanish: Limited working proficiency

  • Adobe Photoshop: Advanced proficiency

  • Microsoft Office: Advanced proficiency 


Student Policy Committee member






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